Etisk samfunnsansvar

Våre regler for etisk samfunnsansvar (CSR) beskriver hvordan vi som selskap bedriver vår virksomhet på etisk, sosialt og miljømessig riktig måte. 

Code of Conduct

OEM’s Code of Conduct is based on the 10 principles developed within the framework of the UN Global Compact. The Code of Conduct deals with human rights, labour law, the environment and anti-corruption. These areas cover the essential elements of social responsibility that is relevant for all of the Group's companies. The basic principles in the Code of Conduct are:

Human rights

1. OEM supports and respects the protection of international human rights.
2. OEM is not involved in violations of human rights.

Labour law

3. OEM maintains freedom of association in accordance with local legislation, and all employees are free to start or participate in trade union activities. OEM recognizes the right to collective bargaining regarding employment conditions.
4. All forms of forced labour are prohibited, and employees are entitled to terminate their employment according to local legislation or their employment contracts.
5. OEM opposes all types of child labour. No person shall be employed under the age of 15, and in case of particularly demanding jobs, the person must be at least 18.
6. No person shall be subject to discrimination in employment, including hiring, based on ethnicity, colour, gender, religion, political opinion, national origin, social origin, age, disability, HIV / AIDS status, union membership, or sexual orientation. Physical or mental harassment is strictly prohibited.


7. OEM supports the precautionary principle regarding environmental risks: “Where there is a threat of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.”
8. Innovative solutions that reduce environmental impact are encouraged, and OEM takes active initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.
9. OEM encourages development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technology. Sustainable development is a keyword, and OEM works with environmental issues from a preventive perspective.


10. OEM combats corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery, and proactively develops strategies and concrete programmes to deal with corruption both internally and in the Group's supply chain.



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